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Business Transformation Services
Transformation / transfəˈmeɪʃ(ə)n / per dictionary is A marked change in form, nature, or appearance.
Consequently, the desired change (the delta /∆) is the differential desired by an organisation. The nature of the change could be increased sales / productivity, enhanced automation, leaner supply chain, adoption of an ERP, enhanced internal controls etc.
The desired change could be targeted at the whole organisation or for a specific division or a particular business process.
Typically, such projects entail significant Change Management activities to implement the Transformation
Transaction Advisory
While Constance as a Firm has capability in the entire transaction life cycle, the Consulting unit specifically supports on transactions for both Buyers and Sellers including Due Diligence, Data Room Management / Co-ordination and Transaction Closure Support.  Additionally, the Constance team has the ability to support during the Transitionary Period and/or Post Acquisition period including development of 100 Day / 1,000 Day plans to ensure Value Enhancement initiatives are identified and achieved.  Specifically, on Sell-Side support we recommend a mock due diligence vide Readiness Reviews to test the readiness of Targets for a Sale / Divestment process.
Start-up/ SME Advisory
Wide ranging support that are relevant for Early stage / Start up organisations/ Entrepreneurs which entail Strategic advise on the organisation, growth and capital. Relevant solutions in this category include:
  1. CFO advisory
  2. Organisation growth planning
  3. Middle office / back office strategies
  4. Accounting support
  5. Market research / Market entry strategies
  6. Investor relations / Investor attractiveness tactics
  7. Project Management / Go Live Support
Turnaround Services
Our turnaround services are targeted at organisations that have a non-performing asset in their portfolio and seek advise on turning them around, whether to retain in their portfolio and/or for imminent or future divestment.
Constance provides a holistic range of solutions ranging from a preliminary diagnostic to detailed and exhaustive reengineering, both, operationally and financially to see such sick / distressed assets emerge from their difficult business circumstances.
More often than not, such Turnaround entails significant Change Management of underlying people, processes and technologies that support the business.


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